and you see me

I live on your lips
And I hide in your eyes

Unable to feel what I think
Not to think about what I feel.

The only one who can see you as you look
and the only one who can't see you with his own eyes.

Tormented by absurd thoughts
angry at vile lies.

Fly my soul without being happy
without being happy flew.

Without more desire to continue
and eager to see you.

Lives ruined by pain
pain that sows only the fear of being real.

And i don't believe in me
and I don't believe in you
and I don't believe in anyone
Because believing makes me happy.

I try to write what I think
but I think things I can't write
I don't know if I write what I think
I don't know what I write when you think.

And you see me
And I blush.

And you see me
And I get angry.

And you see me
and I go.

And you see me
and I want to hug you
and I want to kiss you
and I want to caress you
And I want to love you

and you see me


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