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Published by: Ricardo

Written on 28 October, 2019

At: 15:43

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Well, we are here again, today I have fresh news about my treatment and its current effect on my state of depression, the case is more or less as it was a few days ago, I am still depressed but somewhat better, at least more active, already I go out to the street, the other day I had coffee with my angel and on Saturday I went out to drink some beers without alcohol to the green dog, where by the way I met a new girl.

The issue is that on Friday I was in the psychiatrist and I moved the medication in a similar way, despite being in a depressed state, as she told me, this is the time of depressions and therefore it concerns him, I have already thought about continuing to reduce medication despite all my current status.

Anyway, in nine days my sister will have to remove a pill from the ones I am now taking, in eighteen days she will have to remove another pill from the ones I am currently taking and in another nine days she will have to put a new anti-depressant pill to see if it helps me out of my current state of depression.

The most serious problem that I see coming is that one of the pills that has withdrawn me is the one that controls my impulses, that is to say impulsiveness, and as you will have already read in other articles, I move by impulses, and also I tend to be quite aggressive, so I am very afraid that when I remove this pill I can again become impulsive and cannot control myself as it happened a few years ago, the truth is that I am quite scared.

I trust my psychiatrist's criteria a lot, I have been in his hands for a long time and so far I am doing quite well, I honestly do not believe that the medication he gives me is the right one for me, but I still trust his criteria, I like him and I think he knows what he is doing with me, but I think that this time he is going a little while lowering the impulsive pill, I can really become dangerous with the issue of impulses, I told him but he still made the decision to remove it, I don't know, we will see in a month what is happening, for now we have to wait.

He also asked me for some analyzes at the end of the month, I guess to see how the medication changes affect me physically, I have lost a lot of weight in about seven months and I have to be careful with the medication that I take, now I don't weigh a hundred and ten kilos As before, now I weigh eighty and a medication for one body is not the same as for another, I imagine that the analyzes are for that, I'm not sure, but hey we'll see the results in December and what she says about them.

Honestly, the abrupt changes of medication scare me quite a bit, the last time I remember that the other psychiatrist who was taking me made a sudden change of medication I spent three months without leaving home, I only left when I had an appointment with her and with a fear terrible to the people and to go out to the street, as soon as he saw me and listened to me he returned the medication almost suddenly to put me back in a normal state, he had been wrong, although of course, he never admitted it, I hope this The same does not happen once.

Well, I will tell you how I find myself during the process, at least this time it is gradual, so I will be able to notice the changes and if something happens I will go to the psychiatrist to see if there is something to do, anyway , in my everything is a process, you see, it is a non-stop, luck that I have you who read me and at least I can vent a little, thank you very much for being there, I always tell you, but I never I will get tired

The hunter dreamed

When i dreamed

Who hunted his golden prey

The hunter dreamed

When i dreamed

And not every night I dreamed

But in his dreams the hunter escaped

Every night its precious golden prey

And in every dream the hunter cried

Although in every dream the prey hunter wore

Black, blonde and crazy

But never your precious golden prey

Dedication: No, better not

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  1. sandra says:

    You pay attention to the doctors Ricardo who are there for that, if he has decided to lower the medication for something it will be, besides I do not worry about your impulsiveness, I do not think you are going to get violent or anything like that, do not worry man

    1. Ricardo says:

      I trust her Sandra, I hope that the impulsiveness to the beast does not return as before.

  2. Ana says:

    I agree with Sandra my love, if the psychiatrist has decided to lower the medication it will be because she sees you better than this time ago, otherwise I do not think she will lower it, you must trust her and let her do, the professionals are the ones They help us better than anyone, I can help you by your side, but she is the one who knows best the pills that you should take or not, and you're always complaining that you take too many pills, at least whenever you fall asleep at home, well look, so if the medication goes down you won't take my life so much, look at it on the bright side, I love you.

    1. Ricardo says:

      Thanks Ana, if you look at it that way, I'm not going to take so many pills, that's true, but I'm a little scared, I can't help it, I'll tell you how it goes with the descent, a kiss.

  3. Zumba Solo says:

    Dear Richard, my comment is not about impulsivity but about the new aspect of the web. Now I like it a little more than before but I would like to meet any day that you marked on the calendar, to change impressions about it and help me in certain issues that I have for the sesera, distracted or scattered. I want to submit to your consideration and wisdom and step elucubrar on the domains and also your page. Without touching or mentioning your impulsiveness, of course. A hug tight.

    1. Ricardo says:

      The day you want we have a Zumba coffee, and we talk long and hard about what it takes, you know, I keep making changes to the blog, for now I have added related articles, which I think were needed.

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