good morning princess rafa hawthorn

Tell me if there will be something more beautiful than waking up by your side every day,
Whispering that I love you is my particular hobby
If you appear in my dreams, you numb me, you rock me
With your fingers, you drive me crazy, you are my only joy.

And every morning I plan to steal one of your kisses
tied to the reason of a heart that beats in verse,
give you sunrises and pleasure in every corner
from the bed, our flame will always remain alive.

You are the best I have, the best I had,
The best I will have in this life, a love that goes up
reach the clouds and fly there, play not to lose yourself,
To hold you tight to love you so much it hurts

By your side everything is different
The smell of your perfume makes me fall in love when you come back
walk hand in hand by your side until I get lost,
Tell you that I love you, "I love you" and it will be like this forever
And I know, I can't get you a star
but I also know that I will treat you like one of them,
you can't imagine the silly face that stays with me
When I read your messages and imagine you here nearby
and no matter how far apart we think about it,
the heart does not change its mind
And if I'm honest, the best way to tell you that I love you
Every day is writing this song.

And it's you, the only one that makes me feel alive,
that taught me to love as you really want,
capable of awakening illusions and senses,
Travel to our dreams hand in hand until the end.
You are unique, the muse of my princess music
We will get ahead despite the problems,
and what has not separated the distance
nobody is going to separate it, let's dance our theme under the moon ...

I'd rather stop time, change a lifetime
for a second by your side in this story
My girl, I live from your smiles and I get lost
In your eyes, your memory floods me every morning
and I want to have you close so close that I don't breathe,
In the clash of your lips my mouth will not come out unharmed,
despite the distance, whoever follows her gets it
let me tell you: good morning my princess.

Today I want to take breakfast to bed
That you eat me with kisses my mouth never ends
Loving you until dawn, while you climb
Through my body we will spend time between the sheets.

Rise to the moon every night, love you until it hurts
Counting the stars by your side, thinking with your lips,
draw hearts with your name and take you to my planet by the hand.
Swear to me that you love me, promise that you will wait for me forever,
that everything you feel will be eternal,
That fear doesn't come back, that you know you'll never lose me
that you are the best girl I have and that I dream
with seeing you in the future here by my side,
butterflies in the belly looks that crossed
and they finished the hand without separating a second,
if we throw in the towel it will be to shower together ...

Rafa Espino

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