Marital problems

Published by: Ricardo

Written on 29 October, 2019

At: 17:26

Condition: With a blank mind

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Well, as I told you the other day in medication change, on Saturday I met another new girl, but I think I made a big mistake, since I gave him my phone number the first day we met, yes, for me it was a serious mistake, since since Sunday he does not stop sending me messages by Waptshapp to see when we meet, when we are going to see each other again, that if how I am, that if I miss her, that she very much ...

As a rule I have internally established not to give my number to any person at least until we have met at least a week or two, whether we have made love or not, that is independent, in this case we did but I do not know why I gave my number, I think I am under defenses, it was a huge mistake, now I am against the sword and the wall, obviously I will not leave it unanswered, it would be an impudence on my part, since I give them as a gentleman, it is something i can't do.

The issue is that I like the girl, but of course, I have other things in mind right now, and other people too, I can't leave or get my hopes up with a new girl, it's something I can't afford right now, besides My personal condition, which is not very good, I think that this girl would also not contribute anything good to my life, because of the messages she has been sending me a little heavy if it is, and it is not something that I need right now.

But of course, like telling him it was a casual thing without harming him, I don't know how to say these things, my angel knows it well, I'm afraid of hurting him, I don't know what happens to me in these situations that I don't deal with them, I'm not sure what to do to get rid of a woman I don't want to be with anymore, I need to think a lot, long and hard, to be able to clear myself up and say things clearly, but with this girl I know it was something of one night, no I want nothing more, yes, how do I say it? No fucking idea.

I've been dealing with his messages since Sunday and trying to get him out of all the ways that go through my mind, but it seems that he doesn't get tired and the woman is not taken for granted, it will be because he is young, he is only twenty-eight years old, For me it is a girl, I am already forty-two, and the truth is that being chatting until one o'clock in the morning is not something that I really want at the moment, but I do not know what to do, I fall short of letters and words , it's like I'm stuck, I don't know how to tell her, I'm blocked, I need help, some advice, something.

I think that this week I will go back to meet my angel to help me with this issue, the truth is that she has everything very clear, but when she explains it to me the gut is removed, I am not able to see it so clear, I find myself unable to react as she explains it to me, which actually makes it very clear to me, and it doesn't look like a difficult thing, in clear theory, but for me it's a whole world the truth, I don't know how To do it, neither more nor less tonight I have to talk to a woman older than me on the same subject, and I don't know how to do it either, my angel has already given me the guidelines, but I am still trembling like a flan before her possible reaction.

Well, this time I have overwhelmed you a bit with a more personal issue than usual, but I wanted to vent a little and see if any of my friends or friends is able to leave me a comment or a private if it is necessary to lend a hand with the situation, because I don't know where to go out, I am completely blocked, I want to do it without harming you of any kind, it has only been once but I still do not want to let you get your hopes up or leave it abruptly to hurt you, well, thank you very much for reading me .


"If you cheat me once, it's your fault; if you cheat me two, it's mine"

Bastard asshole, the guilt will always be his, the deceit in love has only one culprit, he is the one who cheats, there is no need to turn the matter over.

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  1. Ana says:

    Well, I would make it clear to Ricardo, don't let it take longer than then you could hurt him 😘

    1. Ricardo says:

      Ana is already solved, yesterday I spoke with her and made it clear, I hope that everything is already fixed, the truth was not taken very badly, I think it was said in the most sensitive way I could, a kiss.

  2. Zumba Solo says:

    Good morning dear friend, the good demon of the devil speaks to you: Referring to the current circumstance that torments you, and despite the various exits you can give him, and choosing a scarcely painful formula, I suggest you stay with her to have a coffee (or what do I know) and with the prudence that characterizes you, explain what you think and that the roads are long, that the weather is ... such and such, that today it does not rain but it could happen, etc. etc. In this way you can leave rositas (with the possibility of re-entering at any time), remaining as friends and without hitting this person of the weak sex (a milk!) I hope you can serve this rant of something. If not, I already pay for coffees.

    1. Ricardo says:

      Dear friend Zumba Solo, I was able to speak with her last night, although it was by messages and not in person as it should have been, but the case is that I could sensibly explain my current situation and my thoughts about or with her for the near future, it seems to be that he understood it properly and did not take it badly, on the contrary, he seemed to understand it and assume it in a proper way taking into account my little interest towards her at this time to maintain a relationship and understanding that it was simply a casual meeting of any Saturday , I still accept the coffee you offer.

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