Nach vocal effects

Welcome to the center of vocal experimentation magna
Today in our laboratory we are investigating with a new subject
He calls himself nach, and is, perhaps, the strangest and most active of those who have worked before
But let's get started with the exposition

We will divide it into 3 phases, and please, don't try to do this in your homes
Experiment phase number 1
6 difficulty level

Work, capture the words, make them bullets, catch bursts, salt, crush each room, bark to tear the throat, take out the claws, the weapons, the stands will clap, fame takes, patán, you will never find peace, bitter long faces drag the evil, you will crawl, you will pay expensive the shit, the laughter will know salty, after, so many traps, after, so much jarana, so many false praises, after, so many puffs, so many souls pierced to reach calm, so many birds, nach sends ghosts to the Sahara, cheap talks drill until they give arcades, skinny paragraphs will end up badly stopped, so bad to slaughter, to win battles, set apart, to kicks, trapped to size, scoundrel, you will give the bell, for nothing, comrades will pack to flatten, you will even sing ballads to please the masses, jump pa'casa, tired, already

Incredible true? But we are not going to stay there
We will increase the difficulty of reaction
The guy is cold and emotionless. Seems confident
Let's see how he behaves now
Let's move on to the next exposure
Experiment phase number 2
8 difficulty level

I do not compose with joints, I only put rum or fonk, I propose high as colophon, I form monologues, all bowling are furnaces, I touch you with sound jets, colossi as concords, I corroborate, control all the modes, I know all the achievements, I place all the choirs, mongolos, I don't clone, I don't bribe, I just enjoy it, I break it, like Rocco I fuck you soon, I don't crown robots with monotonous flow, pochos or as lead, I float by the tones like cork, I don't donate, chloroform, I form the cosmos, the combos, they are fat, the drums are deep, butts, I, I ride fat chickens with other crazy people, we are orcs, you lame foals, forums with loose forofos, I fuck you with a condom, with a gift, I compose like me expensive, I do not touch relief, I blow you like dust, I erase you, you fools, I rub you pain through your pores, I provoke red eyes for deaf sobs, ohoh! All with you, I board it!

We had never encountered such a subject
Its capacity seems unlimited
Remain calm please
We will increase the maximum dose of difficulty
No one has ever managed to overcome this stage, I repeat, nobody
Exhibition phase number 3
10 difficulty level

Seeing decent people perish shakes me, the pen is the germ, the pp deserves thirteen, mequetrefes sell 3 cds, what do they think? Heads of this Eden are believed, give them! Heretics! You must understand that defending me is wanting to lose, do you intend to defeat me in this set? I will be a federer, I started from the toilet, I buried the stress, at present the referent is everest, believe me, the axis is to have faith, beings who want me to get sick, despair, pretend to crash, stop this express train, fear to see that this lp is the best seller of the month, you see! That the duty to entertain belongs to me, the duty to ignite demented minds that blacken, respect me! Stop pouring pests, terrestrial beings see that I rose between celestial entities, see me grow old, give in, never! Men, put the reverb, that they pray emecés of feber, they repel me wimpy fighters, hostages of the tremble decrease in front of this sheikh

Is awesome
The subject has passed all the tests and his heart rate has not even accelerated
Please keep calm
Do not panic
We are facing one of the most spectacular moments in the history of rap in this country
This son of a bitch is capable of everything

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